“We came to Annie as a last ditched effort to save everything we’d built over 20 years.Not necessarily financially but emotionally & physically with our 2 boys. We met Annie feeling drained with no positive steps ahead. My wife arrived on her high horse & I was feeling horrendously hard done by. We had loved each other enormously in the past but this was the first time we’d fallen out , fought & stood our ground.
Through 5 x 1 hour sessions not only did Annie bring us back to solid ground but taught us methods  to understand , adapt , read signs & to nurturer each other’s growth with structure.
I can’t explain how lucky  I feel we found Annie to start our new journey & I owe her everything.There was an invoice after each session but I’d pay 20x that much too wake with my amazing wife & enjoy our boys every day. 
Thank you Amazing Annie🙏🏻.” Seth K (Marcoola)

“We would highly recommend the marriage service of Annie Garrety. We found her to be unbiased and focused on making us a team again. Her approach was truly enlightening and has not only helped strengthen our relationship but has made a difference to the whole family to become a much happier secure home.” Lisa (Sunshine Coast )

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Your feedback is important and compliments are always welcome! If you have a complaint or grievance I am committed to resolving your issue in a fair, timely and efficient manner. Below are options for you or your representative to voice any concerns, in relation to my counselling service.

Aims of the Complaints Procedure

  • To enable a complaint to be investigated in a fair manner.
  • To enable complaints to be resolved as speedily as possible.
  • To allow consequences of mistakes to be put right without unnecessary conflict.
  • To improve the quality of the service.

Option 1. If you are unhappy with any part of my service, or if you have a complaint to make, I would like to know about it as soon as possible in order to resolve the situation quickly. Please try to talk your concern over with me. Fill in the form below and I will do my best to respond within 24hrs.  I treat complaints seriously, confidentially and will take every opportunity to settle your concern informally. This may include telephone conversations and/or face to face meetings or a written explanation.

Option 2. You can contact the Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia (PACFA) with whom I have my professional registration.  They can be contacted on 03 9486 3077 or email for a call back.  I have hard copies of their Grievance and Complaint forms available on request.

Option 3. For a NDIS participant, grievances and complaints can be submitted to the NDIS. They can be contacted on 1800 035 544 (free call from landlines) or use their complaint contact form on .  Complaints can be made confidentially. A hard copy of the NDIS complaint information is available at reception.

Who can complain?

  1. a) Any client or NDIS participant who has sought or received a service provided by Annie Garrety
  2. b) A legal guardian or other appropriately authorised adult who initiates a complaint on behalf of a minor and/or a vulnerable adult who has sought or received a service provided by Annie Garrety and lacks the capacity to make a complaint themselves; or
  3. c) A third party, who speaks on behalf of another vulnerable person, or people directly affected by the actions of Annie Garrety.

These people include friends, families, carers, advocates or workers.

Copies of reports whether they be for an incident or complaint are available on request.



Message (Please include as much information as you feel comfortable sharing and indicate your preference for how you would like to deal with this matter).(required) 

Contact Number(required)

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