Depression and Hope

We all suffer through times of life that challenge us beyond our resources. How that suffering appears determines what is needed to move through. Those feelings of sadness and hopelessness that come to visit with the weather of depression can seem overwhelming. You may now need the accompaniment of an experienced therapists to be fullyContinue reading “Depression and Hope”

Pilot Research Study on Gestalt and Depression January – April 2021

Two online participant positions are available. In any one year around one million people in Australia will experience depression ( With the impact of COVID these numbers have escalated sharply in 2020. Symptoms of depression are a general orientation towards negative thinking, a heavy bodily feeling and an overall sense of being without hope. Sufferers mayContinue reading “Pilot Research Study on Gestalt and Depression January – April 2021”

The Role of Mindfulness and Yoga in Parenting the Anxious Adolescent

Yoga allows the vagus nerve to increase in tone. This increases the ability to tolerate anxiousness. Supporting your adolescent to do 15mins of yoga before bed and NOT discussing worries will expand their comfort zone incrementally daily and assist in getting to sleep. Mindfulness as you do the yoga contributes to this increase in vagusContinue reading “The Role of Mindfulness and Yoga in Parenting the Anxious Adolescent”

Living Well With Anxiety

Sometimes the discomfort of the anxious symptoms is simply too high to sit with and do nothing. “Unfinished business” keeps the worry thoughts and emotions swirling around generating the unease we call anxiety. It becomes such a physical response that it can feel overwhelming. When this happens we can support ourselves as in these ways asContinue reading “Living Well With Anxiety”

Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is closely related to sudden loss of the ground. Our most significant relationships form the ground we can metaphorically walk upon each day. Loss of a significant other, a Mother, Father grandparent or special mentor can lead to the psychic loss of ground. The disorder known as panic disorder often has the symptomsContinue reading “Panic Disorder”