As well as being an accredited counsellor, clinical psychotherapist and hypnotherapist Annie is a registered teacher of music specialising in inclusive creativity. Publications include “Improvisation in Psychotherapy and Everyday Life” (GANZ JOURNAL) and “Ethical Issues for Beginner Researcher” (Gestalt New Voices)

Annie is also a researcher and has currently completed a study on gestalt therapy and depression with 9 clients trialling a mixture of individual and group therapy, drawing from the work of Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb from the Italian Gestalt Institute. She has been asked to present this research to the International Gestalt Research Conference to be held in Germany in late 2022.

Annie has studied clinical issues in Europe with Gianni Francesetti, Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Jan Roubal, and others

Annie describes her approach to counselling and psychotherapy as a blend of Gestalt and Emotion Focussed Therapy adapted to each client that encourages gentle change knowing support comes from increased awareness and acceptance of ourselves in our situations.

Annie has been a zen meditation practitioner since 1983 and highly values the skills of mindfulness in psychotherapy and everyday life.

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