Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is closely related to sudden loss of the ground. Our most significant relationships form the ground we can metaphorically walk upon each day. Loss of a significant other, a Mother, Father grandparent or special mentor can lead to the psychic loss of ground. The disorder known as panic disorder often has the symptoms of an attack of a feeling that one is about to die or go mad. The first onset of this suffering can seem unrelated to the loss of the important relationship. The call of the panic symptoms is the call to find the new ground after the grieving of the old. Building new ground from the supports that remain becomes the psychic ground to process our day to day challenges and developments. Nothing is static and there is no fixed place to arrive at only the ability to keep finding new ground to be seen and consciously known in our bodily senses.

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Published by Annie Garrety

Counsellor and Psychotherapist Independent Researcher Educator Gestalt Therapy Hypnotherapy

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